Language is the Key


Crosswalksite. com is proud to announce that from October/2015-December/2015, with a lot of help from, has reached out to 29 countries in the world with questions concerning the pedestrian,safety,crosswalks and laws concerning them. recognizes the fact that language is a key factor in communicating with the world today and that an accurate translation of the questions and concerns is extremely important in our global community. contacted (United Nations) one of the world`s leading experts in multilingualism in order to locate the most accurate translation device for it`s readers. found some interesting facts.

There are 193 members of the United Nations.

1.There are six official languages of the UN.

2. وهناك ست لغات رسمية للأمم المتحدة.


4.Il y a six langues officielles de l’ONU.

5.Есть шесть официальных языков ООН.

6.Hay seis idiomas oficiales de las Naciones Unidas.


It seems there are common problems with the safety of the pedestrian in the crosswalk throughout the world.   The use of common sense doesn`t always prevail in all situations.  What about a global common law?



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