Suicide Lane? WHAT`S THAT ???

Yeah, it is a nice day out today–the sun is shining, it`s not too cold yet, AND it`s not snowing! Yep, you got dry pavement and clear skies. You step into a marked crosswalk of a two-sided street with a “suicide lanes” in the middle of it .  .There`s a vehicle on your left that came to a complete stop as you stepped into the crosswalk. Then, a vehicle behind it apparently traveling too fast went to its left around the stopped vehicle and continued on in the suicide lane not making a left-hand turn. A second vehicle, seconds behind, decided to play “follow the leader”, doing the same thing. Had I not been paying attention there might have been an unfortunate accident (for me). As I looked over at the driver in the stopped vehicle the driver threw up his/her hands. Suicide lanes in some places are not being used for what they are designed for.


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