Suicide Lane? WHAT`S THAT ???

Yeah, it is a nice day out today–the sun is shining, it`s not too cold yet, AND it`s not snowing! Yep, you got dry pavement and clear skies. You step into a marked crosswalk of a two-sided street with a “suicide lanes” in the middle of it .  .There`s a vehicle on your left that came to a complete stop as you stepped into the crosswalk. Then, … Continue reading Suicide Lane? WHAT`S THAT ???

You`re on your own !

I`ve had some close calls as a pedestrian over the years and have come to realize that just because you have signs,traffic lights, marked crosswalks, safety equipment, and yes, even the police you are never truly safe crossing roads and streets anywhere in the world today.  Check out this link for additional information. There are some stats available for another country in this link. What does it all come down … Continue reading You`re on your own !